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Digital plastic card print

Digital plastic card print

Digital plastickort print | Vester Kopi

Vester Kopi - Rødovre can now print plastic cards with any combination of artwork, graphics, text, digital photograph, bar codes, logos on it ...your imagination is the only limit!

Create your own customised ID card, Membership cards, access cards, name tag with Vester Kopi - Rødovre, today! 
A complete package 
Digital card printing is a one shop stop  in which text, graphics and pictures are physically printed on a card directly from a computer system without any user intervention. These cards are usually the same size as a standard credit card and made of plastic. Plastic cards can be printed in monochrome or full color, front side only or on both sides. 
Image Quality
The image quality of plastic cards produced with digital printing technology is of a very high standard. Placement of various graphical elements of the card is more consistent and text is clearer and more readable than the traditional multi step approach. 
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Contact our friendly staff at Rødovre to find out more about this great product. 
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