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DIY & Student Discounts

Many students ask for 'Do-it-Yourself' and Students' Discounts. We have chosen to publish our discounts on these standard services.

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New IT solution

Vester Planroom is a IT solution that combines online project web with online print ordering of documents related to the building process. Read more...
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Green frontrunner

At Vester Kopi we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. Being the first graphic company in Denmark to be certified with the prestigious Nordic Ecolabel 'The Swan' on our production, we prefer to take action rather than leave it to someone else. Read more...
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Do-it-yourself and student discounts

We have a special area, in many of our shops throughout Denmark, designed for customers to print themselves at a reduced price. All other types of print projects require help from Vester Kopi staff.

DIY | Vester Kopi


Many students ask about DIY with student discounts, hence we have chosen to publish our prices on these standard services:

The study prices of "do it yourself" print appear from the link below:   Student price calculator

Note: DIY services are only available in these shops: 










New job opportunities at Aarhus pdf  and Gothersgade pdf  (Danish)

About Us

Vester Kopi is a nationwide service with approx. 100 employees spread over 10 departments.

Vester Kopi has a strong corporate culture where employees' attitude to service and collaboration, is the company's main asset. The company is characterised by that. We attach importance to having a workplace with satisfied customers, and in which we ourselves are doing fine.

Today, average recruitment retention in Vester Kopi is 8 years. It is a figure that covers a great loyalty. Many anniversaries are celebrated, and many people come back to Vester Kopi after having been employed elsewhere.

The Vester Kopi attitude is a little old fashioned, focusing on good behaviour in a broad sense.


It also means that we are continually working to reduce our overall environmental impact.


Unsolicited applications

You are always welcome to send us an unsolicited application to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or by post (including your CV) to our administration:
Vester Kopi A/S
Att.: Personaleafdelingen
Falkonér Alle 8
2000 Frederiksberg C



Board Members:
Peter Hertz, Chairman
Anette Schulin-Zeuthen
Gurli Stie, Employee Representative
Micky Risom, Employee Representative
Group Management:
William Schulin-Zeuthen, CEO & President
Jack Thorsted, COO 


Vester Kopi Holding holds all shares in Vester Kopi.


Vester Kopi’s global business network

Through Vester Kopi's global business network, our clients have access to internationally distributed printing. This saves our clients both time and money. A publication to be distributed both in Denmark and abroad, can be handled easily by Vester Kopi: We finalise the digital material and transfer it to the local partner. Then the job is printed locally in the desired quality and delivered on time. 
The benefits of using the Vester Kopip network is typically achieved when Danish companies with subsidiaries or distribution partners abroad want to ensure consistent marketing for their print production (consistent colour management, fonts, etc.). Also, the need typically arises when Danish companies participate in trade fairs or promotion abroad.
If you have a question about international printing and distribution, please feel free to contact us.


Our policy

Vester Kopi has great aspirations to be eco friendly! We are serious about our responsibility for the environment and we have formulated our own environmental policy. We want to:

  • Act as a considerate company in relation to our surroundings
  • Comply with all environmental requirements that governments place. We will also be up front with the potential to reduce environmental impact
  • Make demands on our suppliers on environmental awareness
  • Take into account energy consumption, exhaust options and use of environmentally friendly media, when we choose new machines
  • Motivate ourselves to continuously reduce our environmental impact

So far we have obtained the following results:

  • The entire Vester Kopi is certified Nordic Ecolabel ‘The Swan’. Read more about The Swan label here.
  • We use only CO2-free power. We pay an additional cost for our power, currently supplied by Norwegian hydro power.
  • Use bicycle delivery as much as possible
  • Vester Kopi has substituted all substances hazardous to health with eco friendly alternatives in our production processes
  • Waste is disposed of in an approved manner
  • We use environmentally friendly paper
  • We sort all our recyclable waste

Environment Fee
When you shop at Vester Kopi you pay an environmental contribution of 2.98 percent of your order price. The fee covers:

  • Environmental costs that vary directly with production, for example disposal of toner, consumables, paper, and packaging.
  • Statutory environmental charges, such as the CO2 tax, energy, etc..
  • Application fee for The Swan label (Ecolabelling Denmark)
  • Other expenditures for Ecolabelling Denmark, for example, to expand number of licenses
  • Extra costs by using CO2-neutral power 'Green Power'

Read FAQ about the environment fee




We promise

At Vester Kopi we are 100% dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Happy and satisfied customers are the foundation of our existence hence we are always dedicated to giving our customers the best experience.
The majority of our work comes as ad-hoc assignments from clients we have previously performed tasks for. There are also some of our customer base that prefers long-term service contracts (current or annual) that guarantees them certain activities related to printing, service of equipment etc.
No matter what the printing needs you have, it is our goal to always provide superior service. Hence our customers can expect the following when working with us: 



Today, Vester Kopi has more than 40 years of experience.

It all began when Vester Kopi’s founder Erik Svitzer Lyngbye in 1965 was hired as an administrative head of Copenhagen's vegetable market in Valby. Every Tuesday morning there was a construction meeting at the square at 10:00 am - and every Tuesday the architect was missing the drawings, on which he should conduct the meeting. The drawings arrived punctually every Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 pm.

Eric was certain; he could do better, so he established Vester Lyskopi along with a few employees with the primary goal to help architects and engineers to provide drawings and other material of high quality. On time, every time.


High Quality Print

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If you clicked on our website to get "value for money" - you've come to the right place. We take print seriously!
From the first time you contact us until you receive your product, are we a professional partner that guarantees high quality in both our service and print solutions.