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Why are there no prices on Vester Kopi's website?

The reason why there are no prices on Vester Kopi’s site is that all print jobs are different. Furthermore, there is a big difference in the quality you get as a customer from various print suppliers and it can be difficult to figure out the differences. If you only look at price, you often end up with significantly lower quality.

Therefore, the best solution is to get in touch with us either via email / phone or in one of our stores and we will ensure that you get high quality at a good price.

Often we offer our customers a cheaper and more effective print solution than what was first discussed. This is because our staff know the whole range of our production facilities and latest technologies and can help suggest the best solution and price for you.


DIY & Student Discount

Many students ask about 'do-it-yourself' with student discount. We have chosen to publish our prices on these standard services.