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Our policy

Vester Kopi has great aspirations to be eco friendly! We are serious about our responsibility for the environment and we have formulated our own environmental policy. We want to:

  • Act as a considerate company in relation to our surroundings
  • Comply with all environmental requirements that governments place. We will also be up front with the potential to reduce environmental impact
  • Make demands on our suppliers on environmental awareness
  • Take into account energy consumption, exhaust options and use of environmentally friendly media, when we choose new machines
  • Motivate ourselves to continuously reduce our environmental impact

So far we have obtained the following results:

  • The entire Vester Kopi is certified Nordic Ecolabel ‘The Swan’. Read more about The Swan label here.
  • We use only CO2-free power. We pay an additional cost for our power, currently supplied by Norwegian hydro power.
  • Use bicycle delivery as much as possible
  • Vester Kopi has substituted all substances hazardous to health with eco friendly alternatives in our production processes
  • Waste is disposed of in an approved manner
  • We use environmentally friendly paper
  • We sort all our recyclable waste

Environment Fee
When you shop at Vester Kopi you pay an environmental contribution of 2.98 percent of your order price. The fee covers:

  • Environmental costs that vary directly with production, for example disposal of toner, consumables, paper, and packaging.
  • Statutory environmental charges, such as the CO2 tax, energy, etc..
  • Application fee for The Swan label (Ecolabelling Denmark)
  • Other expenditures for Ecolabelling Denmark, for example, to expand number of licenses
  • Extra costs by using CO2-neutral power 'Green Power'

Read FAQ about the environment fee




At Vester Kopi it is our ambition that the high quality of our print material does not come at the expense of our environment. Therefore, we have always focused on environmentally friendly production.

Jack Thorsted
Teknisk Direktør / CTO

Svane m gron logo
The entire of Vester Kopi is Nordic eco labelled, what does that actually mean? 



  1. Toner and ink used in Vester Kopis machines are not classified as environmentally hazardous

  2. The paper printed on comes from suppliers who are certified, ie. from sustainable forestry
  3. There is a minimal paper waste and thus unnecessary strain on natural resources

  4. Waste is separated and properly handled