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Eco-label 'The Swan'

Vester Kopi is an eco-labelled business. The eco-labelling covers the entire Vester Kopi Group and its production of prints. Thus, our clients are most welcome to use the Swan label in their own marketing.

A Swan labelled printing company has invested significant resources in order to be approved and get The Swan license for its production. With The Swan label Vester Kopi demonstrates that we met certain environmental requirements that make our production amongst the least polluting in the industry. The requirements cover both the production, paper and other materials Vester Kopi use today.

Continuous work

To retain the right to be eco-labelled requires a continuous optimisation work to find environmentally friendly suppliers of paper, toner, etc. Thus today all Vester Kopi's print production today consists by eco-labelled and approved materials - except for some last few percent. (More in box at right)

Vester Kopi has also replaced all polluting and harmful substances in the work environment with environmentally friendly alternatives.

Through the achievement of the eco-label's requirements Vester Kopi can keep focus on developing a sustainable printing company.

Eco-label your own print product

Why should I eco-label my own print product?

  • If you want to make visible your own environmental engagement
  • As an easy way to demonstrate your corporate environmental values
  • ’The Swan’ is widely recognized and highly esteemed in Denmark and Scandinavia

The Swan label can be printed directly on your print job for a small fee. Please enquire about the possibilities.

Besides being eco-labelled Vester Kopi has formulated an independent environmental policy. Read our environmental policy here

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At Vester Kopi it is our ambition that the high quality of our print material does not come at the expense of our environment. Therefore, we have always focused on environmentally friendly production.

Jack Thorsted
Teknisk Direktør / CTO