New job opportunities at Aarhus pdf  and Gothersgade pdf  (Danish)

About Us

Vester Kopi is a nationwide service with approx. 100 employees spread over 10 departments.

Vester Kopi has a strong corporate culture where employees' attitude to service and collaboration, is the company's main asset. The company is characterised by that. We attach importance to having a workplace with satisfied customers, and in which we ourselves are doing fine.

Today, average recruitment retention in Vester Kopi is 8 years. It is a figure that covers a great loyalty. Many anniversaries are celebrated, and many people come back to Vester Kopi after having been employed elsewhere.

The Vester Kopi attitude is a little old fashioned, focusing on good behaviour in a broad sense.


It also means that we are continually working to reduce our overall environmental impact.


Unsolicited applications

You are always welcome to send us an unsolicited application to:
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or by post (including your CV) to our administration:
Vester Kopi A/S
Att.: Personaleafdelingen
Falkonér Alle 8
2000 Frederiksberg C