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Board Members:
Peter Hertz, Chairman
Anette Schulin-Zeuthen
Gurli Stie, Employee Representative
Micky Risom, Employee Representative
Group Management:
William Schulin-Zeuthen, CEO & President
Jack Thorsted, COO 


Vester Kopi Holding holds all shares in Vester Kopi.


Vester Kopi’s global business network

Through Vester Kopi's global business network, our clients have access to internationally distributed printing. This saves our clients both time and money. A publication to be distributed both in Denmark and abroad, can be handled easily by Vester Kopi: We finalise the digital material and transfer it to the local partner. Then the job is printed locally in the desired quality and delivered on time. 
The benefits of using the Vester Kopip network is typically achieved when Danish companies with subsidiaries or distribution partners abroad want to ensure consistent marketing for their print production (consistent colour management, fonts, etc.). Also, the need typically arises when Danish companies participate in trade fairs or promotion abroad.
If you have a question about international printing and distribution, please feel free to contact us.