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At Vester Kopi we are 100% dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Happy and satisfied customers are the foundation of our existence hence we are always dedicated to giving our customers the best experience.
The majority of our work comes as ad-hoc assignments from clients we have previously performed tasks for. There are also some of our customer base that prefers long-term service contracts (current or annual) that guarantees them certain activities related to printing, service of equipment etc.
No matter what the printing needs you have, it is our goal to always provide superior service. Hence our customers can expect the following when working with us: 


Vester Kopi is primarily a service company.
We live to serve our clients and we often form a close and long-lasting working relationship with our clients.
Tasks are often here-and-now with tight deadlines challenging Vester Kopi to quickly and efficiently provide a service that lives up to our client's expectations. Not only measured in price but also in quality, security and safety, flexibility and quick response.
We believe good service is characterised by:

  1. Empathy. To understand our clients' needs so that we can do the best job.
  2. Proper communication. So our clients feel comfortable with graphic expressions.
  3. Flexibility, service and helpfulness
  4. Care. That we exercise diligence, care and quality awareness - even when deadlines are short.
  5. Persistence. That we follow things through.
  6. Confidence. That we earn our clients' trust.


In Vester Kopi we are generally very aware that the way we work influences on the quality of production and delivery to our customers. Constantly focusing on this we have established the following quality objectives:

A graphical quality of service is the sum of the relevant characteristics of the service from the customer perspective. Features include a wide range of factors such as delivery, accurate colours, the type of media, proper billing, professional customer service etc. A quality failure has occurred when the service provided does not meet the agreed performance or client's expectations. It is Vester Kopis' quality objective to ensure that the quality in each case meets that agreed with the customer before the job is started.

Vester Kopi ensures quality through a system of formalised routines and work flows, which Vester Kopi's business is based on. Also, the system works to ensure that quality failures result in corrective and preventive changes in routines and work flow. The overall objective of the quality system is thus to achieve an ever decreasing percentage of mistakes and increasing efficiency.

The objectives are supported by flow charts, descriptions of business processes and process descriptions.

In the daily work we are using ISO 9004:2000 as inspiration.

There are no fixed objective criteria for whom or what actions we support. It depends on what we believe is important. But there are some simple and clear principles on how the aid is granted: When Vester Kopi support, we do so by offering to produce at:

our internal cost price + staff time spent in production + our environment fee.

Rather than Vester Kopi giving money we would like to support selected cultural and eco-friendly initiatives by providing print or copy facilities. Who we support is assessed in our internal 'Monday Meetings'. Only Head of Department and the 'Monday Meetings' can take final decisions on sponsorships.

Co-marketing Vester Kopi

When we enter into a sponsorship agreement, we will ask for permission to co-market Vester Kopi, for instance by printing our logo on the product, or knowing that Vester Kopi is mentioned in the context of the cause. We also ask for permission to show the sponsored product on our website.

Vester Kopi sponsors competitions for designers, architects etc.

We do this by providing special low price to join the competition. Vester Kopi has partnered with Danish architects for over 40 years. We assist in doing plots and copies of drawings and descriptions, we issue tenders, we manufacture building site hoardings and mega banners for scaffolding etc. We are also at hand with skilled personnel when the competition project is to be realised.

What types of competitions does Vester Kopi support?
All competitive projects in Denmark and international competitions. The scheme does not apply to normal, commercial offers.

What products does Vester Kopi sponsor?
Copying and plotting of black-white drawings, colour copying and printing, copying of descriptions, binding, ink jet colour plot of the drawings and laminating and/or mounting on all standard boards. Volumes are delivered according to the official plan for exhibition / contribution.

What does it cost?
Vester Kopi gives discounts on approved competitions. Contact your nearest Vester Kopi store to hear more. The discount can not be combined with other discounts.

How do we help you?
You should book time so we can serve you best and ensure that your materials arrive on time. Materials are usually produced in Vester Kopi's normal opening hours. Outside normal working hours time has to be paid for. Please contact us in advance with your requirements so we can be prepared and give you the optimum solution. We ask that you bring your copy of the competition brief, which should detail who is the contracting client, what the competition is called, and when and where it will be settled.


Vester Kopi experience on a regular basis, that our customers are confused that they are not allowed to copy on our machines when then can copy freely for instance on library copiers. However, we just follow the law:

The Danish Parliament has as per 12th of December 2003 amended the Copyright Act so that companies such as copy shops no longer must copy all or parts of books / journals / articles, unless expressly agreed with the licensee, which typically include the publisher who has published the book. This prohibition also applies when such copying is for personal use.

Stores with copy equipment may not be ordered to copy all or parts of books / journals / articles.

Also, stores should not make copiers available so customers can replicate. If a shop deliberately refrains from stopping such copying, the shop will be responsible for the violation of copyright law in the same manner as if the shop had copied it itself.