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Vester Kopi is a chain of eco friendly print shops, located in the Greater Copenhagen, Odense, Fredericia, Aarhus and Aalborg areas.

Vester Kopi produces everything in digital printing - from small standard tasks to large and sophisticated solutions. We work as an agent for you in case you need offset printing, or if you want us to print on purchased 'accessories' as for instance: key chains, mule bags, t-shirts, badges, etc. Besides the production of print and copy, Vester Kopi also delivers tailored solutions in the areas of facility management, confidential copying & printing, as well as a range of software services.

We have developed new business models - based on digital technology - which successfully complements our well-established service concept. As part of this strategy, we have established two software companies: Intellidoc and Northmann. In addition, Vester Kopi is an environmentally responsible partner and has been certified to use the Nordic Ecolabel ‘The Swan’.

Today, Vester Kopi services approx. 6000 clients with approx. 100,000 transactions a year. Our clients include architects, engineers, advertising agencies, industrial and service companies and public institutions. We also have great many individuals who come into our stores with a single task.

Denmark's Largest Digital Printer
Vester Kopi has a total production capacity of digital printing of approx. 130,000 colour A4 pages per hour, and approx. 250,000 black and white A4 pages per hour. Blueprint capacity totals approx 9,300 m2 per hour. On a normal working day (6 hours at full capacity), we are able to produce more than 700,000 A4 colour pages, one and a half million black and white A4 pages, and more than 55,000 m2 of blueprints.

All Vester Kopi’s departments are connected internally with a digital high bandwidth networks, which means that we can quickly and easily transfer print jobs to one another, thus exploiting our full capacity.