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Seared behind large windows in the summer heat?

Tuesday 10. May 2011

How to get both shade and good advertising:

'Window Graphics' serves both as an absorber of sunlight warming and a great platform for advertising in your windows.

In the pictures below you can see how B&O on Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen has used Windows Graphics to create both an eye-catcher in its windows and simultaneously got shade of windows facing straight out toward the sun.

View Outdoor/Window Graphics for more examples of how the Window Graphics can create both a striking eye-catcher and simultaneously decrease the sun's heating of your windows.



The design on Window Graphics foil covers the entire window surface in the two windows.
























































Looking from the inside out - clear vision through foil



Ecolabel your print Mini Svanemrket

Why is it a good idea to ecolabel your print?

  1. To highlight your environmental commitment
  2. The Swan label (aka. 'Svanemærke') is a known Nordic label and enjoys high recognition - this label is only given to manufacturers that use minimal energy and amount of environmentally harmful chemicals in print production
  3. As a customer at Vester Kopi you can get printed the Swan label on your print solution to show your commitment & support for environmental inititatives for a small fee 

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