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Outline an EPS file
How to make an outline EPS file for foil cutting? Follow the instructions on this page, or download the guide

To make sure we can cut the foil, it is necessary that there is an outline / stroke around the letters and graphics.

It is easy to prepare in drawing programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or Inkscape. It is also possible to make outline / contour in InDesign, if only to use simple text.

The approach is simple:
Create a document in 1:1 and write the text with the ordinary text tool.

Then, select all and choose (in Adobe programs) menu, type -> Create Outlines. Notice that there now seems a thin line around the text and that it is no longer possible to correct the text.

If you have a logo or similar, it should also be made as a vector line. We can not cut the foil after a jpg image that is downloaded from the web or taken with digital cameras. Contact us, if you need help create finished artwork for logos and the like.

Finish by saving or exporting to EPS format, depending on which program you use.