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Foil cutting

How to create a PDF file that is ready for print / sticker printing? Follow the instructions on the page, or download Sticker Cutting Guide.

To cut stickers, you need to draw a line around graphics or images. The simple ones are square or round, but can also follow the edge around shapes such as. a logo, a person or a vase. By following this guide, you can deliver a file ready for print and cut.

It is possible to create drawing programs that work vector based, for example. Adobe Illustrator.
The procedure is simple:

  1. The cut line should be vector based
  2. The color must be defined as Spot Colour
  3. The color should be named CutContour
  4. File must be delivered in PDF format

If you have a logo or similar but can not make a cut line, please contact us. We can help you make a cut line for you.

Outline an EPS file


Outline an EPS file
How to make an outline EPS file for foil cutting? Follow the instructions on this page, or download the guide

To make sure we can cut the foil, it is necessary that there is an outline / stroke around the letters and graphics.

It is easy to prepare in drawing programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or Inkscape. It is also possible to make outline / contour in InDesign, if only to use simple text.

The approach is simple:
Create a document in 1:1 and write the text with the ordinary text tool.

Then, select all and choose (in Adobe programs) menu, type -> Create Outlines. Notice that there now seems a thin line around the text and that it is no longer possible to correct the text.

If you have a logo or similar, it should also be made as a vector line. We can not cut the foil after a jpg image that is downloaded from the web or taken with digital cameras. Contact us, if you need help create finished artwork for logos and the like.

Finish by saving or exporting to EPS format, depending on which program you use.


Upload files via the Vester Kopi website

Do you have large files to send to the Vester Kopi, you can send the files to us through our website. Press the "Send Files" button from the department page you want to send files to. You can also send directly from a product page, select the recipient department during upload.

If you see this page after pressing "Send Files", it is probably because you have an old Internet Explorer browser. We support Internet Explorer, 8, 9, 10 and 11. In addition, we support Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. Download and install a newer version of Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome from these links:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Windows XP: Internet Explorer 8

Windows 7, 8 og 8.1: Internet Explorer 11


If you are using IE8 and are still experiencing problems sending files please press F12 and check the setting below



If you are using IE9 and are still experiencing problems sending files please press F12 and check the setting below



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Prepare book or booklet

When your document is printed as a booklet, it is necessary to make an imposition of the pages. This means that you place two different pages facing each other on the same sheet of paper. Note that we are talking about pages and sheets. If your document is made in A4 size then you have the A4 pages, but they are set up on an A3 sheet. To ensure the reading order is correct, the pages most be positioned correctly on the sheet. This is not so difficult in a 4 pages document:

Sheet 1:
Page 4 <-> Page 1
Sheet 2:
Page 2 <-> Page 3

But you have to keep pretty good track of things when you have, lets say 48 pages: What is page 13 facing? And is it to the left or right on the sheet?

Therefore: Don't... ! Send your document to us as individual pages, not spreads, in the correct reading order from page 1 to n (last). We have the software to do the job and can also resize simultaneously, for example, A4 down to A5 pages to print on A4 sheets.

Remember one thing: Number of pages should always be divisible by 4! If not blank pages will be inserted at the end of the booklet.

Pagination is the technical word for the numbering of pages. It is usually something done by the program that created the document, eg Word or InDesign. By default, right pages have odd numbers and left pages have even numbers.

If you have gathered several small documents into one large, we can also help you to make 'new' page numbers on the overall document.