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Confidential Printing

Fortroligt print | Vester Kopi


Vester Kopi handles confidential material under an established security concept called DocuSafe®. Our customers can choose between four different levels of security:

Firewall and virus scan as digital protection. Open environment production.
As in ‘Standard’, now in closed environment
Transportation by cleared and secured agent. Content handed over via encrypted line or courier. Erasure of digital traces. Employees approved by Danish Intelligence Service.
As in ‘High’, now only personal hand over of content. Production in isolation with 24-hour service

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Denmark's largest digital printer

Vester Kopi has a total production capacity of digital printing of approx. 130,000 colour A4 pages per hour, and approx. 250,000 black and white A4 pages per hour. Blueprint capacity totals approx 9,300 m2 per hour. On a normal working day (6 hours at full capacity), we are able to produce more than 700,000 A4 colour pages, one and a half million black and white A4 pages, and more than 55,000 m2 of blueprints.