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Vester Kopi has more than 40 years experience in procurement, subscription management and printing. We have some of the industry's most talented professionals who daily serve the construction industry in Denmark.

Our tender service is a total solution, one can choose from a particular service or choose a total solution. We offer: 

  • Administration of blueprints (both digital and analog)
  • Archive Management based on subscription lists, distribution lists and address lists
  • Print of tender letters
  • CD / DVD copying and printing (Vester Kopi can hold original material, so that all the bidders can purchase extra prints directly from Vester Kopi)
  • Packing and shipping to individual recipients
  • Web-based project collaboration
  • Invoice Service. You may for example choose to have the invoice split into the invoicing your individual customers, or you may choose to consolidate multiple orders on one invoice. It is especially an advantage if you have a project running over a long period.
  • Accounting Procedure. We offer to administer your jobs. We create an index, and only once in a month you get bills from us - one in each case - along with a completed job slips, so the developer can pay directly to us.


Tell us about your needs and we will guide you to the best solution.


Denmark's largest digital printer

Vester Kopi has a total production capacity of digital printing of approx. 130,000 colour A4 pages per hour, and approx. 250,000 black and white A4 pages per hour. Blueprint capacity totals approx 9,300 m2 per hour. On a normal working day (6 hours at full capacity), we are able to produce more than 700,000 A4 colour pages, one and a half million black and white A4 pages, and more than 55,000 m2 of blueprints.