Bannere | Vester Kopi

Our customers typically ask for:

  • Indoor banners
  • Outdoors banners


Indoor Banners

Indoor banners are printed on dense and strong fabric. They are easy to roll, cheap to send, and quick to hang up. We can send banners directly to your recipients as instructed. Banners made of fabric can be eco-labelled Læs mere as all the substances we use are environmentally friendly.  

Outdoor Banners

Outdoor banners can be printed onto fabric, canvas or a network (with small holes, so that wind can pass through). Let us guide you in choosing the correct material, so your banner fits your purpose. Banners are just one way among many options for outdoor exposure that Vester Kopi offers.  

Indoor and outdoor banners from Vester Kopi can be supplied eco labelledMini Svanemrket depending on the choice of media.  


Upload files

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Obligation free: There is no obligation to buy the product before you approve an offer from us.

Hoisting system for banners

Constructed from aluminum and stainless metal. Banners are easily replaced without tools.  


Standard sizes

  • 2x2 meter
  • 3x3 meter
  • 4x4 meter
  • 6x6 meter

Can also be supplied in other sizes.