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Vester Kopi’s online business card solution has been specifically designed for medium to large organisations to save money, time and hassle on business card ordering.

• Internet-based editing and ordering
• Cards are personalised using approved templates
• On-screen proofing
• Customised authorisation criteria

• It is a simplified ordering system that reduces waste and costs
• Corporate identity control
• Quick turnaround
• Excellent and consistent quality from one supllier
• Very easy to re-order

Contact one of our business card experts today to find out how Vester Kopi can make ordering your business cards easier - and save you money.


Order your visit card here (for a selection of our customers): 

Iron Pump A/S
LEO Pharma A/S
LEO Pharma Nordic
Westh & Westh ApS


Business Cards

Here you can design and order your own business cards.


Ecolabel your print Mini Svanemrket

Why is it a good idea to ecolabel your print?

  1. To highlight your environmental commitment
  2. The Swan label (aka. 'Svanemærke') is a known Nordic label and enjoys high recognition - this label is only given to manufacturers that use minimal energy and amount of environmentally harmful chemicals in print production
  3. As a customer at Vester Kopi you can get printed the Swan label on your print solution to show your commitment & support for environmental inititatives for a small fee 

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