Variable Data Printing (VDP)

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Variable Data Printing (VDP)


Customise your campaign's message to individual recipients. Get printed individual designs or texts with the recipient's city name or preferred purchasing (as in the picture with the frog above)

We provide guidance on the entire process from campaign idea to merge, printing and final distribution.

Mail Merge
We can mail merge for example. newsletters or direct mail. You provide us with addresses, cover letter and we merge, print, envelopes and distribute.

Variable Data Printing (VDP)
With variable data printing, we have the ability to merge data from, for example. your CRM system directly into your campaign design documents, eg. the InDesign © document you have created your design in.
Vester Kopi offers to help our customers throughout the VDP process, from creative ideas, database washing, test of VDP campaign, design and testing site for data capture, to broadcasting the VDP campaign.