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Intellidoc LogoVester Kopi offers our clients a standard Web-to-print portal that provides client employees or customers the opportunity to design and book printing jobs.

The portal can be deployed both on the Internet and your intranet and usually set up within only 1-2 days due to Intellidoc's modular development modules. Intellidoc is owned by Vester Kopi.

The user interface will be adapted to your corporate colors, logo, etc. The simple interface is easy to navigate and it is easy to design and order printed jobs.

The digital order flow makes it possible to keep statistics on what is ordered and to invoice the departments who are ordering prints. It gives a better overview of the consumption of print, and it increases users' ability to recycle past jobs, thereby saving the organisation time and money.

Solutions can be integrated with Vester Kopi's ERP system. We offer automatic re-billing to your customers.