Many customers ask us for help with finishing their copy or print jobs in the form of a neat folder or binding. We frequently have customers, off the street, come into our shops with a bundle of papers in the hand to get bound. 

Vester Kopi can eco label Mini Svanemrket your print solution whatever type of binding you choose. 

You can select from the following binding options:  

Loose leaf binder

The sheets punched and divided for example with tabs, plastic pockets etc. 

Folded and stapled

Folded and stapled in the middle. Works best with few sheets and as a rule of thumb max. 12 sheets normal 80 gram white paper, plus full cover

Glued Back (Easy bind) or Canvas Back

Sheets are cut and glued into a cover made of plastic and cardboard backing. Neat and presentable. Choose a nice title page, if necessary, in colour as this page is viewed through the plastic front.

Spiral binding

Perfect for manuals or other reference books. Space saving when reading as the pages can move all the way around without folding. It can also be supplemented with a plastic cover front and back for added protection and presentation. Metal spiral is available in white, black or silver. 

Paperback (full cover) 

Paper sheets are cut and glued into a full folder. Choose from a wide variety of colours for the cover. Neat and presentable. 


Upload files

You can send files to us via the button below. 

Obligation free: There is no obligation to buy the product before you approve an offer from us. 

  • Send Files

    We welcome print jobs via email. Just send us the files to be printed (preferably as PDF) and one of our professional service staff will contact you with an attractive price and confirm your order.

    Visit one of our print shops – one-on-one dialogue

    If you prefer to have a chat with one of our print experts in person, you are of course welcome to do so! Just drop by one of our stores (we are located all throughout Denmark) and we’ll be happy to help. We can offer advice and guidance on different printing tasks, spar with you about innovative print solutions or give you a concrete offer on specific tasks. You can also try before you buy – test the materials out in store.


Ecolabel your print Mini Svanemrket

Why is it a good idea to ecolabel your print?

  1. To highlight your environmental commitment
  2. The Swan label (aka. 'Svanemærke') is a known Nordic label and enjoys high recognition - this label is only given to manufacturers that use minimal energy and amount of environmentally harmful chemicals in print production
  3. As a customer at Vester Kopi you can get printed the Swan label on your print solution to show your commitment & support for environmental inititatives for a small fee 

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