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Prepare book or booklet

When your document is printed as a booklet, it is necessary to make an imposition of the pages. This means that you place two different pages facing each other on the same sheet of paper. Note that we are talking about pages and sheets. If your document is made in A4 size then you have the A4 pages, but they are set up on an A3 sheet. To ensure the reading order is correct, the pages most be positioned correctly on the sheet. This is not so difficult in a 4 pages document:

Sheet 1:
Page 4 <-> Page 1
Sheet 2:
Page 2 <-> Page 3

But you have to keep pretty good track of things when you have, lets say 48 pages: What is page 13 facing? And is it to the left or right on the sheet?

Therefore: Don't... ! Send your document to us as individual pages, not spreads, in the correct reading order from page 1 to n (last). We have the software to do the job and can also resize simultaneously, for example, A4 down to A5 pages to print on A4 sheets.

Remember one thing: Number of pages should always be divisible by 4! If not blank pages will be inserted at the end of the booklet.

Pagination is the technical word for the numbering of pages. It is usually something done by the program that created the document, eg Word or InDesign. By default, right pages have odd numbers and left pages have even numbers.

If you have gathered several small documents into one large, we can also help you to make 'new' page numbers on the overall document.

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