Posters | Vester KopiOur skilled staff are ready to help you print your own unique poster. Extra finishing in terms of mounting and laminating are also ideal options to convert your artwork into a finished promotional item. We also offer a framing service.  


  • indoor and outdoor use
  • various media types:paper, foil, metal, glass, canvas, wood, etc. 
  • as a total solution; printed, mounted laminated, framed, packaged and dispatched 


Share with us your print needs and we will recommend the solution optimal for you. 

Our preferred file format is PDF or JPG, but other file types are also possible.  



Your poster can be turned into a 'board', for example where your poster would be fixed or printed on a plate.  


Upload files

You can send files to us via the button below. 

Obligation free: There is no obligation to buy the product before you approve an offer from us. 

  • Send files

    We welcome print jobs via email. Just send us the files to be printed and one of our professional service staff will contact you with an attractive price and confirm your order. 


    File format

    We recommend the following file formats for posters:  

    - PDF

    - Picture file (jpeg & tiff)

    - Eps


    Visit one of our print shops - one-on-one dialogue

    If you prefer to have a chat with one of our print experts in person, you are of course welcome to do so! Just drop by one of our stores (we are located throughout Denmark) and we'll be happy to help. We can offer advice and guidence on different printing tasks, spar with you about innovative print solutions or give you a concrete offer on specific tasks. You can also try before you buy -test the materials out in store. 


Book online and collect your posters next business day in one of our stores.

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Mounting and lamination

Mounting and lamination gives a professional end look that extends the life of your print solution. 

Posters, blueprints, etc. can be mounted on different types of plates and subsequently laminated with matt or a glossy surface. 

Vester Kopi can also offer lamination on both sides where the print is enclosed in foil. This solution is used for example; menu cards, outdoor billboards and the alike. Let us know what you want and we will provide you with the best solution for your needs. 

Vester Kopi can also eco label 'svanemærke'  Mini Svanemrket your print job, regardless of the mounting or lamination you choose. 

Opklæbning og laminering | Vester Kopi