Car Stickers

Car Stickers

We make custom vinyl decals stickers and lettering for cars. This product is fantastic for increasing awareness of your brand, or to highlight current campaigns, to potential customers in your business area. Ring or write to us for more information about this fantastic product. 



Car stickers - lettering 


Foil Cutting is digital carving of letters etc. in self-adhesive foil. The foil can be mounted directly on windows, car doors, signs, t-shirts, etc. Self-adhesive foil comes in many varieties: clear, tinted, transparent, matte, glossy. We always have the 10 most used foils in stock, but can get most colours and types of foil within 2 days.


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Partial Decals


Partial decals are an incredibly popular choice for advertising or marketing a business. This print solution is not placed onto a full car, instead a particular area of the vehicle is wrapped. They are simple to take off in the event that a client wishes to remove the wrap and install a new one. In the picture to the right the Vester Kopi car bonnet is wrapped. 






Car Stickers

car klistermrker

Vester Kopi can offer small and big stickers in all colours and shapes to place on your car door, bonnet etc. The solution is durable and will hold for a couple of years. If you wish to take the sticker off the vehicle it can be taken off easily. 







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