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Picture/image Resolution

Specify resolution
You can not have larger pictures than there is resolution for. However, we often manage to get more out of a relatively low image resolution.

DPI (Dots Per Inch)
Most have tried to copy a picture from the Internet into a document to enlarge it. It is often with little success. The reason is that the number of dots per inch in the web picture are too few. There isn't enough resolution (colour dots) to allow the image to be enlarged with a decent result.

It is therefore important to understand that. You can not take an A4 page which is 'born' in a resolution of 100 dpi and enlarge it 200% to print a poster. It will not provide a picture of sufficient quality. To be feasible, the original A4 should be scanned / printed at 200 dpi resolution.

Image sizes for posters etc.
To get a version of good quality your picture must be a minimum:

Minimum file size
A3 format
A2 format
A1 format
A0 format
Plakat (50x70)
Plakat (70 x 100)
Plakat (100 x 140)

Minimum file size
1.169 x 1.654
1.654 x 2.339
2.339 x 3.307
3.307 x 4.677
1.969 x 2.756
2.756 x 3.937
3.937 x 5.512

Minimum file size
100 dpi
29,7 x 42 cm
42 x 59,4 cm
59,4 cm x 84 cm
84 cm x 118,8 cm
50 x 70 cm
70 x 100 cm
100 x 140 cm

Can my camera take pictures that can be used for large format?
If you wish to take pictures to be used for large formats, the question is how 'big' pictures, your camera can produce. Calculate this under 'My camera's capacity'

How much is 200 pixels?
If you need to know how much (in cm) 200 pixels are, or vice versa, you can take advantage of:

Convert cm to pixels
Convert pixels to cm

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