We are Printgruppe. We are passionate about technology and media for excellent print production.

We have new efficient, safe and fast technology and all our employees receive training in print production or sales. 

Our production is fair and green.

All our employees work under fair conditions and receive fair compensation.

We practice sustainability throughout our entire operations.

Please visit our code of conduct for more information about the values we promote.

Vester Kopi ApS and RT GmbH are subsidiary companies under the parent company PrintGruppe GmbH.

RT is one of the leading service providers of print and related services in all of Germany, while Vester Kopi is the leading company in Denmark for print and related services.

We are more than 200 professionals, servicing about 12,000 customers in Denmark and Germany from our many branches in major cities.

Please visit map below for an overview of our locations.

We look forward to your request.


Please visit Vester Kopi's sales and delivery terms for more information about our operations. 

Please Vester Kopi's e-trade sales and delivery terms visit  for more information about our operations.

Vester Kopi ApS

CVR: 26712610

Falkonér Alle 8

2000 Frederiksberg

+45 3644 2833

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