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How do I prepare files for binding as a book or booklet?

When printing for binding, we often get questions from customers regarding imposing pages and pagination. 



Imposing refers to the procedure of imposing two pages of your document onto one paper sheet. 

Is your document created in for example A4 format, two pages witll be imposed on an A3 format paper sheet. 

To create the correct reading order, the pages must be correctly imposed on the respective paper sheets: 

Sheet 1: page 4 < - > page 1
Sheet 2: page 2 < - > page 3

Please note that any number of pages must be divided by 4. 

Should it not be the case, the book or booklet will display blank pages in the back. 

We happily help you impose your document pages in the correct order from page 1 til n (end).

Similarly, we may help you change the format, for example from A4 to A5. 


Pagination indicates the numbering of pages in your document.  

We often experience that upon imposing the pages, the pagination in the original document must be adjusted. 

We happily help you apply correct pagination in your document.  



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