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Is the image resolution high enough to produce the print format I desire?

We underline the importance of considering image resolution dots per inc (DPI) when printing image files.

Vester Kopi generally recommends 100 DPI corresponding to 100% of the desired print format: 

Minimum file size
A3 format
A2 format
A1 format
A0 format
Plakat (50 x 70)
Plakat (70 x 100)
Plakat (100 x 140)

Minimum file size
1.169 x 1.654
1.654 x 2.339
2.339 x 3.307
3.307 x 4.677
1.969 x 2.756
2.756 x 3.937
3.937 x 5.512

Minimum file size
100 dpi
29,7 x 42 cm
42 x 59,4 cm
59,4 cm x 84 cm
84 cm x 118,8 cm
50 x 70 cm
70 x 100 cm
100 x 140 cm

Please visit below list of DPI values for various types of print for more information. 

All DPI values correspond to 100 % of the desired print format: 

Flatbed print: 600 DPI, minimum 100 DPI recommended. 

Mega print: 150 DPI, minimum 50 - 80 DPI recommended. 

Poster print: 360 - 720 DPI, minimum 100 DPI recommended. 

Latex print: 600 - 1200 DPI, minimum 100 DPI recommended. 

Blueprint / plot: 400 - 600 DPI, minimum 100 DPI recommended.

Black / white print: 600 DPI, minimum 100 DPI recommended.

Color print: 600 DPI, minimum 100 DPI recommended.